Just so you all know, this was the “prior email.” I am still working on getting the Exhibit Pack emailed to you. I may need to send to a smaller listserv list by breaking up the list in several parts.



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Subject: POS exhibitor kit and floor plans
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All—attached is the exhibitor pack for Parade of the States participants.


Also attached is the overall exhibit floor plan and the more detailed POS floor plan. The latter is where you will find your booth number


As soon as the POS listserv is established, all relevant emails for POS participants will be through that listserv. In the meantime, I will use POS in the subject lines for all relevant emails. If you are NOT participating in the POS, you can just delete these emails if you wish.


Please “meet” Melinda Curley from Decibel. Decibel has handled the NBF logistics for many years. They are great to work with.


If you have any questions re participating in the Parade of the States, please send email to both Melinda ([log in to unmask]) and me ([log in to unmask]). Whoever has the answer will reply.



Please look over relevant sections of the Exhibitor Pack. I have copied this relevant paragraph below directly from the kit:


What do I get as an exhibitor in the Parade of the States?

Unless otherwise contracted, the standard booth is 10’ x 10’ and comes with 8’ tall backwall and sidewall

drape in [COLOR]. Each 10’ x 10’ booth will also receive (1) 6’ skirted table, (2) plastic contour chairs, (1)

wastebasket, (1) booth ID sign. Please note that show carpet is included with a booth in the Parade of the

States. Electricity , WiFi and Internet are not included. You will also receive 250 lbs of drayage for your

booth included in your package. If you exceed this amount, you will be charged per the exhibitor kit below. If

your items are less than 250 lbs, you do not need to fill this section out.


The weight allowance is 250 lbs., not 300, as I erroneously told some of you.


If you have questions regarding reimbursements for travel, Laura Woodard ([log in to unmask]) of COSLA is the one to ask.


Thanks to all who make the POS the most popular National Book Festival attraction!


Guy Lamolinara

Center for the Book

Center for Learning, Literacy and Engagement

Library of Congress


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