OCLC bib#: 1097195974

I have noticed a new trend in assigning name/title access points by BIBCO catalogers. Instead of 100 + 240 combination, now 100 + 700 [#]2 combination is being used. I was wondering what rationale was behind this practice. My personal guess: it is more “friendly” to the Linked Data environment, that is, an URI can be assigned directly to the authorized access point in 7XX. But when did the current practice start? Is there a new instruction which we should follow?

BTW, it had 100/240 not too long ago (in late May 2019).

600 10 (Lucretius Carus, Titus. $t De rerum natura) was also added later, as if the work being described were about Lucretius’s work, at least partially. My comment:

1) If the intention of doing so is to bring out the aspect of textual transmission and criticism, I can understand. If so, shouldn’t all standard classical texts (from Bude, Teubner, Oxford) be treated this way? 

2) But if, a big if, this 600 field is machine-generated and used merely to provide an authorized access point to the work itself (at the work level in RDA terms), presumably coming from a non-MARC system (BIBFRAME?), then, I question its validity.