LCCN  n 96004350 should be reported for deletion in favor of n 2010180191
The NAR should not be re-used for another person, even if he has the same name.

A new NAR could be created for the author of Web server technology.  He also has a dissertation record with full name and birth year (#70169259)

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Subject: [PCCLIST] McGrath, Robert E. vs. McGrath, Robert E., 1956-

I believe I have a case of mistaken identity and sources.

McGrath, Robert E. n 96004350
670 His Understanding statistics, 1996: |b CIP t.p. (Robert E. McGrath)

McGrath, Robert E., |d 1956- n 2010180191
670         Pharmacotherapy for psychologists, 2010: |b ECIP t.p. (Robert E. McGrath)
670         Email from pub., Dec. 11, 2009 |b (Robert E. McGrath (Robert Edward McGrath), b. Aug. 31, 1956)

I contacted Robert E. McGrath as I was trying to determine which of the above authorities to attach to "The Power of Character Strengths: Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality". He responded and said that he was the author of:

     *   Understanding statistics : a research perspective, 1997
     *   Pharmacotherapy for psychologists: Prescribing and Collaborative Roles, 2010
     *   Quantitative Models in Psychology, 2011
     *   Creating and Verifying Data Sets with Excel, 2011

He also confirmed that the information regarding his full name and birth year were correct on n 2010180191.However he was not the co-author of "Web server technology : the advanced guide for World Wide Web information providers" / with Nancy J. Yeager, 1996. That Robert E. McGrath I believe is this guy:<>

So I believe that the "Understanding statistics, 1996" should be attached to n 2010180191 and "Web server technology : the advanced guide for World Wide Web information providers" should be attached to n 96004350. I however do not have a copy of "Web server technology", so if some kind person who does have a copy could make the changes or at lease add it to n 96004350, I can proceed with updating n 2010180191 to RDA.

Any help is appreciated,

Kristin Anderson
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