LCCN  n 96004350 should be reported for deletion in favor of n 2010180191

The NAR should not be re-used for another person, even if he has the same name.


A new NAR could be created for the author of Web server technology.  He also has a dissertation record with full name and birth year (#70169259)



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Subject: [PCCLIST] McGrath, Robert E. vs. McGrath, Robert E., 1956-


I believe I have a case of mistaken identity and sources.


McGrath, Robert E. n 96004350

670 His Understanding statistics, 1996: |b CIP t.p. (Robert E. McGrath)


McGrath, Robert E., |d 1956- n 2010180191

670         Pharmacotherapy for psychologists, 2010: |b ECIP t.p. (Robert E. McGrath)

670         Email from pub., Dec. 11, 2009 |b (Robert E. McGrath (Robert Edward McGrath), b. Aug. 31, 1956)


I contacted Robert E. McGrath as I was trying to determine which of the above authorities to attach to “The Power of Character Strengths: Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality”. He responded and said that he was the author of:


    1. Understanding statistics : a research perspective, 1997
    2. Pharmacotherapy for psychologists: Prescribing and Collaborative Roles, 2010
    3. Quantitative Models in Psychology, 2011
    4. Creating and Verifying Data Sets with Excel, 2011


He also confirmed that the information regarding his full name and birth year were correct on n 2010180191.However he was not the co-author of “Web server technology : the advanced guide for World Wide Web information providers” / with Nancy J. Yeager, 1996. That Robert E. McGrath I believe is this guy:


So I believe that the “Understanding statistics, 1996” should be attached to n 2010180191 and “Web server technology : the advanced guide for World Wide Web information providers” should be attached to n 96004350. I however do not have a copy of “Web server technology”, so if some kind person who does have a copy could make the changes or at lease add it to n 96004350, I can proceed with updating n 2010180191 to RDA.


Any help is appreciated,


Kristin Anderson

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