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The Ralph J. Bunche Library, U.S. Department of State, has excess titles available to all CONUS federal libraries on a first come, first serve basis.

Federal libraries should email Douglas Moors at:
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Title   Author  Date
Cimarron en Baja California.    Francisco Lamadrid      2015
Competitive knowledge management.       Nicholas Bahra. 2001
Encyclopedia of computer science. 4th ed.       Anthony Ralston. Et al  2000
Estamos bien en el refugio los 33.      Francisco Peregil.      2011
Evocaciones del olvido : pinturas rupestres de la region de Cabo = Rock art of the Cape Region. Anibal Lopez Espinoza   2013
Historia de la vid y el vino en la peninsula de Baja California. [author inscribed copy]        Camillo Magoni  2009?
Las Islas Coronados una historia y un entorno natural.  Virgilio Muñoz.        2007
Needs and opportunities in the modern historyi of the U.S. Navy.        Michael Crawford, ed.   2018
обвинительное заключение по уголовному делу по обвинению. МЕРЕ (он же Мартсон) Айн-Эрвина Иохановича…   N.A.    1961
La Paz : Tierra de Encuentro.   Claude Thetion  2010
Reaping the whirlwind : the Taliban movment in Afghanistan.     Michael Griffin.        2001
Skill in communication : a vital element in effective management.       David D. Acker. 1990
Transcultural leadership : empowering the diverse workforce.    George F. Simons. Etc.  1993
Lonely Planet Travel Guides [below]     Lonely Planet
Central Europe. Lonely Planet   2013
Haiti.  Lonely Planet   2012
Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles.        Lonely Planet   2013
Mediterranean Europe.   Lonely Planet   2013
New Zealand's North Island      Lonely Planet   2013
New Zealand's South Island      Lonely Planet   2012
Scotland's highlands & islands  Lonely Planet   2012
Tahiti & French Polynesia.      Lonely Planet   2012

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