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  1. CRC Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters by Allan F.M. Barton [1983] 0849332958
  2. Hydrophobic Interactions by Arieh Ben-Naim [1980] 0306402227
  3. The Dictionary of Cell & Molecular Biology by JM Lacie and JAT Dow [1999] 0124325653
  4. Cells: A Laboratory Manual, v.1: Culture and Biochemical Analysis of Cells [1998] 0879695226
  5. Cells: A Laboratory Manual, v.2: Light Microscopy and Cell Structure [1998] 0879695226
  6. Cells: A Laboratory Manual, v.3: Subcellular Localization of Genes and Their Products [1998] 0879695226
  7. CRC Physiology of Membrane Fluidity, v.1 and v.2, by Meir Shinitzky [1984] 0849361419
  8. Transport and Diffusion across Cell Membranes by Wilfred D. Stein [1986] 0126646619
  9. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R Tufte [1983]
  10. Fluorescent and Luminescent Probes for Biological Activity edited by WT Mason [1999] 0124478360
  11. Basic Methods in Molecular Biology, 2ed, by Leonard G Davis [1994] 0838506429
  12. Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Animals by WTW Potts and Gwyneth Parry [1964]
  13. Cell Water by DAT Dick [1965]
  14. Glossary of Acarological Terminology, v.1 and v.2, edited by L. van der Hammen [1980]
  15. Biomembranes: Molecular Structure and Function by Robert B Gennis [1989] 3540967605
  16. A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells edited by Richard Nuccitelli [1994] 0125228104
  17. Invertebrate Immunity edited by Karl Maramorosch [1975] 0124702651
  18. Practical Tissue Culture Applications edited by Karl Maramorosch and Hiroyuki [1979]
  19. Elisa Theory and Practice by John R. Crowther, Methods in Molecular Biology, v.42 [1995] 0896032795
  20. Biomembrane Protocols edited by John M Graham, Methods in Molecular Biology, v.19 [1993] 0896032361
  21. Foundations of Structural Biology by Leonard J. Banaszak [2000] 0120777002
  22. Foundations of Colloid Science v.1, by Robert J. Hunter [1986] 0198551878
  23. Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual v.1-3, by Joseph Sambrook and David W. Russell [2001] 0879695773
  24. Bacaterial Genomes Physical Structure and Analysis edited by Bruijn, Lupski, and Weinstock [1998] 0412991411
  25. Mobile DNA edited by Douglas E. Berg and Martha M. Howe [1989] 1555810055
  26. Recent Advances in Acarology v.1 and v.2,  edited by J.G. Rodriquez [1979] 0125922019
  27. Kuby Immunology 6th ed, by Kindt, Goldsby, and Osborne [2007] 9781429202114
  28. The Neutrophils: New Outlook for Old Cells edited by Dmitry I Gabrilovich [1999] 186094082X
  29. Genetic Recombination edited by Raju Kucherlapati and Gerald R. Smith [1988] 1555810047
  30. When Cells Die: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Apoptosis and Programmed Cell Death [1998] 0471165697
  31. Laboratory DNA Science: An Introduction to Recombinant DNA Techniques and Methods of Genome Analysis by Bloom, Freyer, and Micklos [1996] 0805330402
  32. Principles of Modern Genetics by Gerald D Elseth and Kandy D Baumgardner [1995] 0314042075
  33. Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty [2006]
  34. A Practical Guide to Molecular Cloning by Bernard Perbal [1984] 0471876534
  35. Russian-English Biological Dictionary edited by CW Dumbleton [1964]
  36. The Leader’s Edge: Six creative competencies for navigating complex challenges by Charles J. Palus [2002]
  37. Keeping Score: Using the metrics to drive world-class performance by Mark Graham Brown [1996]
  38. The Official Guide to the GRE, 2nd ed [2012] 9780071791236
  39. Barron’s GRE [2013] 9781438002149
  40. McGraw-Hill’s GRE [2013] 9780071794664
  41. NCRP Report No. 055 – Protection of the Thyroid Gland in the Event of Releases of Radioiodine (1977) 0913392375
  42. Interpretation of Carbon-13 NMR Spectra by FW Wehrli and T Wirthlin [1978] 978-0855012076
  43. Vectors: A Survey of Molecular Cloning Vectors and their Uses, edited by Raymond L Rodriquez [1988]
  44. Manual of histopathological staining methods Hardcover by Frederick A Putt [1972]
  45. A bibliography of the research in tissue culture, 1884 to 1950; an index to the literature of the living cell cultivated in vitro. Volumes 1 and 2. [1953]
  46. An annotated bibliography of pathology in invertebrates other than insects by Phyllis Johnson [1968]



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