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Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2019 10:55 AM
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Subject: Update on OMB Circular A-16 Revision


Steering Committee Members,

This is to provide a status update on the revisions to OMB Circular A-16 and an update on the upcoming agency review process.  As you know, the Geospatial Data Act (GDA) requires OMB to provide guidance on the implementation of the GDA within one year of enactment (by October 2019). This guidance will be in the form of a revision of Circular A-16.

As I noted in my July 9 e-mail, FGDC established a team to develop draft content for the revised Circular.  The FGDC A-16 team included representatives from several agencies (including NOAA, Veterans Administration, DOI, Census, DHS, and FGDC staff), and also included representation from each of the GDA Tiger Team working groups that were established earlier this year. The FGDC A-16 team has done an excellent job of analyzing the GDA and the current Circular and incorporating inputs from the Tiger Team and the National Geospatial Advisory Committee.  The guidance and input that OMB provided in this process was very helpful as well.  The team’s recommendations were provided to OMB on July 12. 

OMB is currently analyzing the proposed content for the revised Circular and preparing the document for agency review.  Because this is a Circular providing direction to Federal agencies, OMB has determined that the review process will not include a public comment period. 

The current plans for the agency review process are as follows:
1) In approximately two weeks (tentatively the week of August 12), OMB will distribute the draft Circular for a two-week week agency review. Since the review period is short, it is recommended SAOGIs coordinate closely with their agency leadership to ensure they have timely access to the request for review.
2) This will be followed by a one-week period for OMB to adjudicate comments. OMB plans to work with the FGDC team to address comments.
3) OMB will then go through their approximately 30-day internal review and finalization process which should be completed in early October.
4) OMB plans to release the guidance by October 10.

Please note that this schedule may be adjusted.  We will continue to provide additional information and updates as this process unfolds. We will also continue our engagement with partners on the implementation of the GDA and the revision of A-16, including at the upcoming NGAC meeting on September 4-5.  Please contact me, Ken Shaffer, or John Mahoney if you have any questions.


Ivan B. DeLoatch, Executive Director

Federal Geographic Data Committee

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S.Department of the Interior





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