sorry guys!  I thought I gave access but actually had misclicked ..

Here is link to sheet with full access ... lo siento mucho! 


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Hi, All, 

Guy asked us for agenda items for Aug 30th.  I know that the LAL conversations are moving along well owing to the leadership of Indiana, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, and Minnesota, and so I am thinking that other issues may take priority.

I will start the ball rolling:with a few ideas that might be important.  If you also want a certain topic, add your STATE POSTAL INITIALS.  

Or add new ideas and be sure to put your initials to get tally started.  

It should be easy in a matter of a few days to see where our major interests are.  

Here's the Google Sheet:  

Cheers, Sharon 

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The NBF meeting on Aug. 30, 3:30-4:30 pm, will be in its usual spot, on the 6th floor of the Madison Building, in the room adjacent to the Montpelier Room, which is where the reception to follow will be held, 4:30-6.


This is really your meeting, so I think you should be able to discuss whatever you want and set your own agenda. I am willing to facilitate if you should want me to.


I am using our regular listserv because more than a dozen of you are not receiving emails via the new listserv, and we don’t know why. L



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