Hi Curt,

It's ok to make tape copies of commercial recordings for one's personal use. But, this is probably copyrighted material and it may be illegal to sell the copies. There are others on this list who are more knowledgeable about copyright laws on sound recordings, who I hope will offer their perspective. But, my initial reaction is that they cannot be legally sold.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [ARSCLIST] Old vinyl on reel to reels

Dear arsclist, your group seems very knowledgeable in this area so I am hoping someone could help with a bit of advice.I inherited hundreds of reel to reel tapes from a relative who was a quality engineer and amateur audiophile. He meticulously dubbed, labeled and typed up the data from old jazz, blues, big band and classical glass, 78s and 33s onto the r/rs along with a few oneoffs or old radio. Also had 100 or so factory produced r/rs and some unused r/rs. (And similar cassettes also) I am looking for any advice on how to find someone who appreciates these genres and would be interested in buying the lot, it's in the Los Angeles area. If anyone has any advice on that I would appreciate it much.Thank you for any helpCurt meyer [log in to unmask]