The bf:Generation class is currently being used in our transformation in  MARC just for 007 byte 11, to denote the Generation for motion pictures, microforms. I don’t’ think of it as an event class or a link to another Instance.

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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Use of the bf:Generation class

Dear all,
I would like your help regarding the use of the bf:Generation class.
This class seems to me like an event class that may be used to document the details of a reproduction process.
What I do not get is how one can connect the original bf:Instance to the reproduced one using the bf:Generation<> class.
The use of an original bf:Instance in a reproduction process can be represented with the following path: bf:Instance-bf:generation-bf:Generation.
Is there a property to relate the bf:Generation class instance to the reproduced bf:Instance? Due to domain and range restrictions the  bf:generation<> property cannot be used (Domain: Instance, range:Generation).

Thanks in advance and greetings from Greece
Sofia Zapounidou


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