I must agree with Shawne on this matter.  Organization of Information is
foundational not for turning all of our students into future cataloguers,
but for having them understand how information bearing resources may be
represented in bibliographic systems such as OPACs, periodical databases,
and other such related systems in order to help information seekers find
the information they require, and to an extent how those systems work (with
more details "filled in" by a technology course, for example).
Additionally, such a class exposes students to concepts such as the roles
of authority control, controlled vocabularies, and notational
classification (and I am speaking about these particular examples broadly
in terms of how they may be applied to other information environments
beyond the library too) that are not always presented and represented in
sufficient depth and breadth in other classes in library and information
science programs.  Unless you are going to have other courses "take over"
some of these other pedagogical functions that your Organization of
Information course provides currently, then I would be concerned personally
that you might be providing your MLIS graduates specializing in School
Media an incomplete education.  Have you and your colleagues also
considered the possible ramifications to your accreditation status by
removing this as a core class for some of your students?  It is ultimately
up to you and your colleagues what you decide to do, but I wonder if the
consequences of such an action have been considered fully.  Regardless of
the result of the vote, best wishes to you and your students.


*Frank P. Lambert, Ph.D., MLIS*

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a
fruit salad."~Brian O'Driscoll

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 at 11:43, Miksa, Shawne <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Is the required course core Info Org or something like a beginning
> cataloging course?
> If the school media program has it owns course on info org than perhaps
> they don't need to double up on core Info Org.
> However, if you are making taking a core Info Org course a choice for ALL
> students than that is crazy.....its foundational. How can you not teach
> it?   Collection Management is not the same as Info Org---it is not
> foundational.
> My two-cents.
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> Dear Colleagues,
> Greetings!
> Our School had removed the requirement of Organization of Information
> course for School Media Program students (35% of the total student
> population).
> Today, we are voting for making Organization of Information course or
> Collection Management course as a choice for ALL students.
> How would you respond to this vote if you were me at the faculty meeting?
> Thank you,
> --Yan