Thanks for coordinating this Doodle Poll, and the first meeting.

Just a reminder to everyone that Hawaii and Alaska are at a distance time
zone wise. So if a meeting is at 1pm east coast time, then that's a 5-6
hour time difference (depending on daylight savings time), so that's either
7 or 8am for Hawaii.  For Alaska it's 9am, which will work some days, but
not others.  I mention this because if we're going to be meeting regularly,
then our time zones need to be considered.

Additionally, there are a few of our organizations that are completely
volunteer orgs with no funding for staffing. That means for example that my
work with Alaska Center for the Book is simply on top of my full-time job
at the University. I'm happy to meet more frequently, but may not be able
to consistently make monthly meetings. My org may rotate who attends the
meetings. Not sure who else may be impacted by this as well.  I know there
were a few of us at the June Idea Exchange who mentioned not having paid
staffing for their Centers for the Book. That impacts programming also.

Just sharing for perspective,

Page Brannon
Alaska Center for the Book

On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 6:54 AM Sharon Shaloo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> OK ... promise ... last one from me ....
> I just heard from several people that they intended to fill out poll this
> week.  Sorry! I guess I jumped too soon!
> Please if you haven't completed the poll do so now.  We'll have the first
> meeting on 10/17 but we can look at the poll after that to see what other
> dates may be good to use for future meetings.
> Thx!
> /S
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