Thanks for taking the lead on this Sharon! Much appreciated. I wasn’t at the meeting (had a rep from California Library Association & the CA State Library there instead) but I am happy to help out. We have a Zoom account if you need someone to organize that aspect for our first meeting, as long as it’s not during our Annual Conference (Oct 23 - 26).


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Hi, All, 

I am happy to create the Doodle poll since one hasn't come out yet.  (In fact, I realize that I am not even sure who offered!  It may be that it wasn't a state coordinator?)

I'll put one together today to send  and see if we can find a recurring date that works.  We said every other month, right?  So that would be Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June, and given that we are now at 9/19 we should hop to!  

~ Sharon 

Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
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All—I have added a few more things to this document. Everyone did such a great job with this that I didn’t have much to add.


I look forward to our first virtual meeting. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to do to help get this set up.






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Thx for putting these notes up, Karen.  I added a few notes to the doc.  I wonder is everyone could take a look and add any other notes they have?  


Would the person who volunteered to do the Doodle poll pls email me?  I can send you a good model to follow from a poll I just received for bimonthly virtual.meetings of an ALA committee I serve on.






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Dear All,


Please find here a link to a Google doc for meeting notes. Also, please feel free to add/adjust as needed.


All the best,


Karen O’Connell

Coordinator of the Arkansas Center for the Book

Arkansas State Library


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