NLS Operations Alert


No. 19-62


DATE         :  September 18, 2019

TO             :  Network Libraries

FROM        :  Kristen Fernekes, Head, Communications and Outreach

SUBJECT   :  Spanish translation of new NLS name



This is a correction to Operations Alert 19-61, sent on Monday, September 16.


After further discussion, we believe a change of one word in the Spanish translation of our new name—substituting “o” (or) for “y” (and)—will help avoid confusion and more clearly distinguish between people who are blind and people who are print disabled. So the new name of NLS, in Spanish, will be:


Servicio Nacional de Bibliotecas para personas ciegas o con dificultades para acceder al texto impreso


Please use this name in any materials you produce in Spanish after Tuesday, October 1.


For more information, contact:

Kristen Fernekes

Head, Communications and Outreach

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