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There are some useful guidelines available in the document linked above.


If (as it sounds like is the case) you can confirm that there is a pattern here, then I believe it fits under case A.1.2 (“The person uses the real name and one pseudonym”) and should remain as two NARs, linked with “see also” references.  





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According to Goodreads and Recorded Books the following names represent the same narrator.


Lee, Polly                             no2008158957

MacNab, Ashford             no2012001174


McNab, Ashford               What I need to create/attach

670 Hoyt, Elizabeth. Duke of sin, p2016: ‡b disc label (Read by Ashford McNab)




Confirmed with Recorded books that she narrates under her real name, Polly Lee, for younger audiences and under Ashford McNab for more adult audiences.


Would the collective wisdom consider McNab, Ashford to be a variant of MacNab, Ashford or a different name and its own authority?


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