After my inquiry with the Library of Congress failed to turn up results, the
LOC suggested posing my question to the ARSC list. I have since joined the
ARSC list, and (FYI) this message is my first attempt at using the list.

I am looking for the following 78-vinyls, whose references I have found in:
His Master's Voice by A. Kelly, Greenwood Press, 1988, p.385:

7-254000 19081b 30-3-15 GIOANA, MIELI, BERARDI (o) Saltimbanchi: Vent'anni
ancor non ho Atto 1 (Ganne) R 5961

7-254002 19083b 30-3-15 GIOANA, MIELI, BERARDI (o) Saltimbanchi: Senza
pensieri Atto 2 (Ganne) R 5963

I am looking in particular for Berardo Berardi's voice (basso). I wish to
thank you in advance for the help you can possibly provide on this matter.

Best Regards from Italy,
Roberta Niccacci
Curator of the essay "Berardo Berardi artista di canto (1878-1918)" ISBN