Thanks for those comments, Ron. I think you were very generous in giving it 3 stars on Amazon!


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I started reading Stephanie Bonjack's article "The Importance of LPs in a
Digital World" in the Fall 2018 ARSC Journal and when I got to the end of the
second paragraph and read that "the LP with its larger diameter" [than the 78]
and  also "the 78 which could only hold up to four minutes per side", I wondered
where she got this incorrect information.  The Endnote cited David L. Morton's
book "Sound Recording, The Life Story of a Technology".


Folks, this book is full of errors!  The 78 records were issued primarily in
both 10" and 12" diameters, just like LP's are/were!  LPs did not come in a
larger diameter.  And, I believe the 12" 78 could hold 4.5 minutes per side.


I have written a review of the first ~100 pages of this book on Amazon, you can
read it here:


The 9 major errors I found in the first 100 pages were enough to convince me not
to read further.


It's really a shame that such a promising book is so full of incorrect
information.  I hope the author can issue a second edition with more attention
to these problems.



Byron [Ron] Roscoe