The very short version of one process is:

I worked with a paper conservator several years ago on a similar problem. The caveat (first) is that there are different types of adhesives, some are water soluble some are not, which is what Bryce is getting at I am guessing. In our case we have used the process to remove lacquer disc labels affixed with water soluble adhesive that feature non-water soluble ink when the label covers grooves. There is a gore text sheet that can be trimmed and damp blotter paper against the gore-tex. It is similar to the damp blotter pack on this page:,_Drying_and_Flattening. We used reverse osmosis water. One can also use mylar sheet trimmed/with cut outs, over the gore-text (or under) to targer specific areas. There are some different concerns than when applying it to disc as opposed to photographs, but  the cons section is relevant, including the one:

"Empirical knowledge and skill are needed to create the perfect balance of humidification within the packet for photographic materials. Too little water in the system and the photograph needs long periods of time that may be detrimental to it. Too much water in the system and the photograph can become too saturated or wet with water, beyond dampness."

The "pack" can be trimmed and sized only to apply it to the spot where it is needed which is a plus when it comes to introducing any moisture to a laquer disc.

Before using, it calls for targeted testing of the disc (and other materials in contact wit the) surface, although knowing vogue discs, the surface is pretty durable and there are many issues/copies of them out there (generally).

IMHO, It may not be worth the time required, unless there is something particularly unique or special about the disc. But it may be an opportunity to test process. We developed/used it for laquer and very rare discs that were in good shape and featured no cracking. Even with water soluble adhesive it may need to set for several hours to possibly overnight (in our experience).

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Hmm. Any idea what kind of paper..or glue (realize that ones a tall order)?

Currently collaborating with folks in the paper conservation labs here on carefully removing paper towel that is stuck to (nearly embedded into) lacquer discs. Would be happy to consult with our labs if you wanted to send some photos.

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>Folks - Advice on best practices cleaning paper glued to a Vogue 78rpm picture disc?  thx. ARC