Comparing the contents of the two issues as listed in Worldcat, they appear
to have only four titles in common:

Ode to an emotional Italian knight


Ode to Stanley’s Pussycat (titled *Ode to Stanley Pussycat* on the

      Columbia LP, according to the cataloging)

Happy birthday to a bookworm

The contents of each, as cataloged in Worldcat, follows:

The Ernie Kovacs album: Columbia PC 34250 [1976]

Tom Swift

 J. Walter Puppybreath ; Albert Gridley

World's strongest man ; Man's best friend

Droongo ; "John"

Percy Dovetonsils. Ode to Stanley Pussycat ; Ode to an emotional Italian

Mack the knife ; Percy Dovetonsils. Happy birthday to a bookworm ; Cowboy

Strangely believe its

Pierre Ragout

Mr. Question Man

Uncle Buddy

Oddities in the news ; Closing. I've had it


Ernie Kovacs presents Percy Dovetonsils –thpeaks:  Omnivore Recordings


Ode to Stanley's pussycat

Ode to Mona Lisa

Lament from a germ's eye viewpoint

Ode to the happier days of the Roman Coliseum

Ode to whistler's mother

Thoughts while falling off the Empire State Building

Side one closing

Some pertinent thoughts of Julius Caesar while he was being assassinated

Ode to Sam, the taller of the two monkeys

Ode to a house fly

Ode to an emotional Italian knight

Happy birthday to a bookworm

The night before Christmas on New York's fashionable East Side


Side two closing "Just outside the bookends"

"Roughing it" interview

A day at the races

Ode from a worm's eye view

Ode to a hangman's noose

At home with Lorelei Latour

Poem for Edith Adams

Richard Markowitz