I have a duplicate of the Ernie Kovacs LP I'd be willing to sell for $10 plus $3 for postage.  When in college, living on LI, I used to drive into NYC and park right outside of the Dumont studios and see the Kovacs show, sitting on folding chairs, right on the studio floor.  Fun!
Don Chichester

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I listened to the OMNIVORE CD reissue of THE ERNIE KOVACS RECORD (from
Columbia Lp plus extra tracks).  Perhaps another senior moment, but I do not
hear a routine I thought was on that Lp.

IIRC it was part of the "answer man" routine, questioned about people
falling off the edge of the (flat) earth.  Perhaps I am conflating

It with a radio or TV episode.

If you have the LP, wonder if you would listen and see if it is on the Lp