Dear list,

As part of my masters in musicology, I have started digitizing archive
material that relate to the gamelan music community in Montreal, Canada.
These would be flyers, posters,  program notes, letters, reports, audio
recordings and videos related to Indonesian gamelan since it started
flourishing in the city in the late 80's. My goal is to create an online
repository where all existing archives about gamelan in Montreal are

I am ready to start uploading some files, but am facing a wall as I do not
know which platform to use to create such archives. I was recommended
Internet Archives ( ), but my issue with this website
is that it doesn't have the option to control the archives' access with a
password. The password requirement is not to conceal information, but to
prevent potential copyright issues if certain documents are not allowed to
be made public (such as TV show appearances that do not belong directly to
the gamelan community).

For now, the main purpose is to create a Cloud or repository to allow
students of a specific seminar to be able to dig into archives. I could
temporarily use the cloud to fulfill that purpose,
although in the long term I would surely need a platform with more storage
capacity as more material will be digitized.

Ideally, I am looking for a platform meeting these criterias:

-Free (ideally)
-Accessible online. Must not be a software
-Can support a large quantity of files
-Can support audio, video, .pdf and image files
-Can be secured with a password

Does such a platform exist? I was told by at least one person that
different types of archives should be hosted on different platforms
depending on their format and ownership (i.e. excerpts from 90's TV shows
in which gamelan was featured).

Needless to say that all of you have much more experience than me in
archiving, so any advice will be much appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Laurent Bellemare,
√Čtudiant en musicologie