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The Army blue book, 1961, volume 1	Compere, Tom.	U9.A7 1961
German psychological warfare	Farago, Ladislas.	U21.G47 1942
War : ends and means	Seabury, Paul.	U21.2.S43 1989
Soldiers and society : the effects of military service and war on American life	Karsten, Peter.	U21.5.K37 1978
The 71F advantage : applying Army research psychology for health and performance gains	Bartone, Paul T.	U22.3.A25 2010
Modeling human and organizational behavior : application to military simulations	Pew, Richard W.	U22.3.M58 1998
The art of war in the Western world	Jones, Archer	U27.J65 1987
The operational level of war	Snoke, Elizabeth R.	U27.S6 1985
War in the modern world	Ropp, Theodore	U39.R6 1962
The future of land warfare	Bellamy, Chris.	U42.B45 1987
Toward a revolution in military affairs? : defense and security at the dawn of the twenty-first century	Gongora, Thierry.	U42.T69 2000
War in European history	Howard, Michael Eliot	U43.E95H68 1977
The art of war	Sunzi	U101.S95 1983
Battle studies : ancient and modern battle	Ardant du Picq, Charles Jean Jacques Joseph	U102.A71 1958
Military modeling	Hughes, Wayne P.	U104.M55 1989
Military modeling for decision making	Hughes, Wayne P.	U104.M55 1997
Unless peace comes : a scientific forecast of new weapons	Calder, Nigel.	U104.U55 1968
Land warfare in the 21st century	Sullivan, Gordon R.	U153.S85 1993
Making the soldier decisive on future battlefields	National Research Council (U.S.). Board on Army Science and Technology.	U160.N37 2013
Military strategy : principles, practices and historical perspectives	Collins, John M.	U162.C643 2002
Makers of modern strategy : from Machiavelli to the nuclear age	Paret, Peter.	U162.M25 1986
What is information warfare?	Libicki, Martin C.	U163.L53 1995
On operational art	Newell, Clayton R.	U163.O5 1994
Understanding information age warfare	Alberts, David S.	U163.U49 2001
The evolution of US Army tactical doctrine, 1946-76	Doughty, Robert A.	U165.D58 1979
Applying the National Training Center experience : incidence of ground-to-ground fratricide	Goldsmith, Martin	U166.G64 1986
Denying the widow-maker : summary of proceedings ; RAND-DBBL Conference on Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain	Glenn, Russell W.	U167.5.S7D43 1998
Combat in hell : a consideration of constrained urban warfare	Glenn, Russell W.	U167.5.S7G58 1996
Marching under darkening skies : the American military and the impending urban operations threat	Glenn, Russell W.	U167.5.S7G584 1998
"--We band of brothers" : the call for joint urban operations doctrine	Glenn, Russell W.	U167.5.S7G58424 1999
Applying the national training center experience : artillery targeting accuracy	Goldsmith, Martin	U167.G642 1990
The sinews of war : Army logistics, 1775-1953	Huston, James A.	U168.H8 1966
Modern trends in logistics research : proceedings of a conference held at the George Washington University	Logistics Research Conference	U168.L58 1974
The defence of Duffer's Drift	Swinton, Ernest Dunlop	U240.S96 1986
The sling and the stone : on war in the 21st century	Hammes, Thomas X.	U241.H38 2004
The U.S. Army GHQ maneuvers of 1941	Gabel, Christopher R.	U253.G33 1991
The 31 initiatives : a study in Air Force-Army cooperation	Davis, Richard G.	U260.D38 1987
Combined operations in peace and war	Hixson, John.	U260.H59 1982
Joint warfare of the US Armed Forces.	United States. Joint Chiefs of Staff.	U260.J53 1991
Arsenal : understanding weapons in the nuclear age	Tsipis, Kosta.	U264.T78 1983
The war game : a critique of military problem solving	Brewer, Garry D.	U310.B73 1979
Proceedings : 32nd annual conference of the Military Testing Association, Orange Beach, Alabama, 5-9 November 1990	Conference of the Military Testing Association	U393.C66 1990
Approaches to long range forecasting : a symposium held at Alamogordo, New Mexico 29-30 April, 1969.	Symposium on Long Range Forecasting and Planning	U393.S93 1969
Army science : the new frontiers : military and civilian application	Kamely, Daphne.	U393.5.A76 1992
Fundable knowledge : the marketing of defense technology	Van Nostrand, A. D.	U393.5.V26 1997
World-class research and development : characteristics for an Army research, development, and engineering organization	National Research Council (U.S.). Board on Army Science and Technology.	U393.5W67 1996
World-class research and development : characteristics for an Army research, development, and engineering organization	National Research Council (U.S.). Board on Army Science and Technology.	U393.5W67 1996
Common sense training : a working philosophy for leaders	Collins, Arthur S.	U408.3.C64 1978
Taking care of yourself : a proactive approach	Harig, Paul.	U413.A7T15 1995
Of responsible command : a history of the U.S. Army War College	Ball, Harry P.	U413.B35 1994
The United States soldier between two wars : Army life and reforms, 1865-1898	Foner, Jack D.	U766.F65 1970
Service etiquette	Swartz, Oretha D.	U766.M2 1977
Polishing up the brass : honest observations on modern military life	McCormick, Michele	U766.M34 1988
Service etiquette	Swartz, Oretha D.	U766.S88 1988
Vignettes of military history.	US Army Military History Research Collection.	U766.V54
Mud soldiers : life inside the new American Army	Wilson, George C.	U766.W475 1989
Where are the WMDs? : the reality of chem-bio threats on the home front and the battlefront	Mauroni, Albert J.	U793.M38 2006
The future of non-lethal weapons : technologies, operations, ethics, and law	Lewer, Nick.	U795.F88 2002
Nonlethal weapons : war without death	Morehouse, David	U795.M67 1996
British & continental arms and armour	Ashdown, Charles Henry.	U800.A8 1970
Exotic weapons : an access book	Hoy, Michael.	U815.H58 1979
Indian and Oriental armour	Egerton, Wilbraham Egerton	U821.I4E3 1968
European armour : circa 1066 to circa 1700	Blair, Claude.	U825.B55 1959
Handbook of arms and armor : European and Oriental, including the William H. Riggs collection	Dean, Bashford	U825.D44 1915

Intelligence threat handbook	Interagency Operations Security Support Staff (U.S.)	UA10.5.I57 2000

Noise in the military environment	Powell, R. F.	UA10.P68 1988

Youth or experience? : manning the modern military	Binkin, Martin	UA17.5.U5B56 1979

Trained and ready in an era of change : the posture of the United States Army fiscal year 1991	Stone, Michael P. W.	UA17.5.U6.S76 1990

A strategic force for the 1990s and beyond	Vuono, Carl E.	UA17.5.U6V86 1990

Analysis for military decisions	Quade, E. S.	UA23.A53 1970

The future of warfare	Alexander, Bevin.	UA23.A547 1995

Command, control, and the common defense	Allard, C. Kenneth	UA23.A593 1996

AY 97 compendium : Army after next project	Johnson, Douglas V.	UA23.A89 1998

War and peace in the space age	Gavin, James M.	UA23.G53 1958

Deciding what has to be done : General William E. DePuy and the 1976 edition of FM 100--5, operations	Herbert, Paul H.	UA23.H447 1988

The soldier and the state : the theory and politics of civil-military relations	Huntington, Samuel P.	UA23.H95 1957

Attention! : a quick guide to the armed services	Innis, Pauline B.	UA23.I48 1988

The McNamara strategy	Kaufmann, William W.	UA23.K37 1964

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