I’m pretty sure the first edition is the “Handbook of spin transport and magnetism” which is found in records dated 2011 to 2016. The 2011 record is # 751661288. 2016 (#6991527871) is an outlier, maybe a last electronic version published before the 2nd edition. It actually says 1st edition.

I think these would have to be the first editions because the two authors are the same. 944160280 seems to be a completely different work.

Hope that helps a little.

Ted Gemberling

UAB Lister Hill Library

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Subject: [PCCLIST] 2nd edition as a new work?


I saw this bib record in our local online catalog:

OCLC bib#: 1073033094

100 1   Tsymbal, E. Y. ‡q (Evgeny Y.), ‡e author.

240 10 Handbook of spintronics

245 10 Spintronics handbook : ‡b spin transport and magnetism / ‡c edited by Evgeny Y. Tsymbal and Igor Žutić.

250       Second edition.

246    1 Boca Raton : ‡b CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, ‡c [2019]


Apparently it originated from DLC’s prepublication-level bib record: https://lccn.loc.gov/2018033445. It has been updated by several other PCC institutions—no authority work has been done yet on the name/title “ Tsymbal, E. Y. ‡q (Evgeny Y.). ‡t Handbook of spintronics.”

Where’s the first edition? It turns out that there are multiple versions of it (in electronic and print form), the title of which is “Handbook of spintronics.” See, for example, OCLC bib#: 944160280.

The current so-called “Second edition” seems to have been revised and expanded to such a great degree that it becomes practically a new work. This makes me wonder if we could indeed consider the role of the chief editor as “compiler” and give him a name/title entry, as LC did originally. Otherwise, give a 130 title entry, by considering “Spintronics handbook” as a variant form of “Handbook of spintronics”:

130 # 0 Handbook of spintronics (2019)?


Other options or suggestions?