This discussion reminds me of a very early RDA PowerPoint presentation from Dave Reser titled “RDA Special Topics: Revised Editions of Monographs.”  A few slides are dedicated to changing creators.  Worth consulting, at a minimum.  See the last entry on this page:



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When there is a change involving creators, it must really be seen as being a change in work. Creator is a relationship at the work level. If different editions have different creators or a different combination of creators, and you consider the editions to be expressions of the same work, then you end up relating agents to works that they really have nothing to do with.

Perhaps this is a situation for which the "work group" was invented? A work group appellation can tie together different editions that are technically different works.

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I would be very cautious about concluding that the second edition represents a new work.  On Barbara Tillett’s diagram of Family of Works (afaik still the only guide to distinguishing new expressions from new works), editions and revisions are clearly on the New Expression side of the line, regardless of how extensive the revision.  Adaptations, change of genre, change of form, parodies, and free translations are New Works.  It takes a _lot_ to turn it into a New Work.

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I saw this bib record in our local online catalog:

OCLC bib#: 1073033094

100 1   Tsymbal, E. Y. ‡q (Evgeny Y.), ‡e author.

240 10 Handbook of spintronics

245 10 Spintronics handbook : ‡b spin transport and magnetism / ‡c edited by Evgeny Y. Tsymbal and Igor Žutić.

250       Second edition.

246    1 Boca Raton : ‡b CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, ‡c [2019]


Apparently it originated from DLC’s prepublication-level bib record: It has been updated by several other PCC institutions—no authority work has been done yet on the name/title “ Tsymbal, E. Y. ‡q (Evgeny Y.). ‡t Handbook of spintronics.”

Where’s the first edition? It turns out that there are multiple versions of it (in electronic and print form), the title of which is “Handbook of spintronics.” See, for example, OCLC bib#: 944160280.

The current so-called “Second edition” seems to have been revised and expanded to such a great degree that it becomes practically a new work. This makes me wonder if we could indeed consider the role of the chief editor as “compiler” and give him a name/title entry, as LC did originally. Otherwise, give a 130 title entry, by considering “Spintronics handbook” as a variant form of “Handbook of spintronics”:

130 # 0 Handbook of spintronics (2019)?


Other options or suggestions?