A quick browse in OCLC bib file, I found 7 records in which the “authorized” access point is “Poiēsē (Ekdoseis Polis),” 5 of which were done by LC/PCC. Apparently, the authority record was never created. The earliest instance dated back to 2011.


So, in this special case, I think that a 430 reference “Poiēsē (Ekdoseis Polis)” is both justifiable and helpful. Even though “Ekdoseis Polis” is not the authorized form, you might justify the variant access point by citing:


670   LC in OCLC, October 10, 2019 $b (access point:  Poiēsē (Ekdoseis Polis))


BTW, in the authority record for the firm, the 1st 410 reference has “EPE” at the end. Its fuller form is “Hetaireia Periorismenēs Euthynēs” [equivalent to: Co. ltd.]. I would suggest that it be deleted—“Ekdoseis Polis” is enough, just in case you would also recode the AR “Polis (Firm : Athens, Greece)” to RDA, since it will be used now in your RDA-coded series authority record.






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I haven't ever created a series authority record before, so I appreciate any advice!


The question I have is about qualifiers. I know we use the authorized form of the corporate name in the qualifier, but in the case I have, the series name has already been used in OCLC in 830s using the non-authorized form of the name as a qualifier. 


The series name is "Poiēsē" - very generic. What I'd like to do is the publisher's authorized name to qualify, and add the variant access point for current usage:


130_0 $a Poiēsē (Polis (Firm : Athens, Greece))

430_0 $a Poiēsē (Ekdoseis Polis)


But, in this case, the qualifier in the 430, "Ekdoseis Polis", is itself a 410 for the authorized access point of the firm's name "Polis (Firm : Athens, Greece)"


So, can/should I add a 430 for "Poiēsē (Ekdoseis Polis)" even though the qualifier is not the authorized form of the name? 


I think this falls under page 6 of this "Session 7: Variant Access Points"  :   Consider providing a title variant access point for the following situations: When a variety of qualifiers might have been used and a different one from that chosen by the cataloger would help lead the database user to the authorized access point. This type of variant is particularly useful when the title is quite common. [Example:] 130 #0 $a Research report (Honolulu, Hawaii) 430 #0 $a Research report (Hawaii. Department of Education) 


But the qualifier used in the example IS the AAP for the Dept. of Education so I wasn't sure if we can/should mix them up that way. It's a small/new series, with only about 18 books in OCLC, and only 8 have been this traced that way, so it wouldn't be hard to update them in OCLC, but if people are thinking of the series in that way with that qualifier, I don't want them to miss this new established series authority record either. 


I'd appreciate any advice!







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