I would probably just add another $a to the 042 with code pcc, along with the changes required to fixed fields to identify the record as BIBCO.  In the LC catalog, their record is still going to just have the 042 premarc code.  Perhaps that’s a good argument for removing the premarc code and replacing it with pcc, since either way, the records won’t be in synch anymore.  Perhaps someone from LC PTCP will let us know what they think the most correct action is. 


Adam Schiff

University of Washington Libraries


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Subject: premarc question


If I encounter a record such as OCLC# 687219 (LCCN 17013589) which is a DLC record with 042 code premarc, and I wish to bring it up to current cataloging standards, what would be the proper procedure to follow? Do I just update the record and leave the 042 in place? Delete the 042 after updating the record and change the encoding level to blank? Or something else?


Thanks for any guidance on this.


Preston Salisbury

Assistant Professor and Monographic Cataloger

Mississippi State University


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