Dear Cohort catalogers,


We are wondering what resources you are using to answer questions that you have about BibFrame (particularly as represented in the Sinopia default templates).  The LC BF Manual is nice but doesn’t touch on some of the specific questions that we have.  Examples:

·        How to handle initial articles in titles?   Is the correct practice to include the article in the Instance title but not in the Work title?

·        Is there a best practice for entering ISBNs (with or without hyphens)?

·        Language qualifier (in many fields):  is this the language of the work or the language of the cataloging? 

·        Dates:  What is the difference between “Date published” vs. Date in the “Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, Production section”?

·        “LC Classification Number” vs. “Classification item number” Is this a distinction between the classification part and the cutter part? 


Thanks in advance for your help!




Beth Picknally Camden

Goldstein Director of Information Processing

University of Pennsylvania Libraries

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