Dr. George D. Geckeler produced this set. It was released in 1949. The XP
matrix numbers often mean "experimental". It was also issued on a Columbia
Lp in the same year as ML 4240. I own the 78s myself and they seem to have
originated on lacquer discs that were dubbed to produced the commercial
masters. An examination of the matrix cards at Sony Archives might supply
more information but that's all I can contribute. Nice gift idea!


On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 1:13 PM Malcolm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> A while back I bought a seven record 12", single sided, Columbia 78 set
> entitled "Stethoscopic Heart Records", Co M-600, which I mean to give to
> a cardiologist friend for Christmas. I have not been able to come up
> with any discographic info on it and the liner notes do not quote
> recording dates, a release date, recording location(s) or even a price
> for the set.
> The matrix numbers are XP 29125, XP 29126,  XP 29520, XP 29908, XP
> 29909, XP 29978 and XP 30060.
> Help will be gratefully accepted from those who delves into this sort of
> esoterica. It's outside my normal lines of inquiry.
> Thanks,
> Malcolm Rockwell

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