The "W" on an English Columbia matrix meant it was electrically recorded
under license from Western Electric using their proprietary system.


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> Malcolm-It seems to me that the X prefix can come from English Columbia-
> the
> P could mean personal- many English mx numbers start with WAX for the
> electricals. are they acoustical?-Mickey
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Heart murmur record set
> A while back I bought a seven record 12", single sided, Columbia 78 set
> entitled "Stethoscopic Heart Records", Co M-600, which I mean to give to
> a cardiologist friend for Christmas. I have not been able to come up
> with any discographic info on it and the liner notes do not quote
> recording dates, a release date, recording location(s) or even a price
> for the set.
> The matrix numbers are XP 29125, XP 29126,  XP 29520, XP 29908, XP
> 29909, XP 29978 and XP 30060.
> Help will be gratefully accepted from those who delves into this sort of
> esoterica. It's outside my normal lines of inquiry.
> Thanks,
> Malcolm Rockwell

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