Laura Bolton was known back in the 50s and 60s for her recordings of 
ethnic things on cylinders. Her collection moved from Columbia to 
several different Universities including Archive of Traditional Music at 
Indiana University, as well as the Library of Congress. Her name is on a 
collection now at Harvard University and the EthnoCenter at Columbia 
University. Here are links.

All about Laura Bolton

There's actually a listing of the libraries here with ethnology 

Library of Congress collection:

Harvard collection:

Columbia University:

Indiana University: George List and 
Frank Gillis were the first administrators of this Archive and ARSC met 
at Indiana for our first national annual conference (having met 3 other 
times for organizational processes in Dearborn, Syracuse, and Library of 
Congress.) Frank became good friends with us; was a jazz and big band 
pianist for Casa Loma Big Band...later, ragtime.

There was a large ethnology program at one of the universities in 
California; probably USC. ARSC had several members from there.

Many started around or just before ARSC got started in 1965.

Hope this is helpful.

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On 11/16/2019 1:18 PM, Mel Jordan wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am a Division III student at Hampshire College, focusing on
> ethnomusicology and museum studies. For my senior thesis, I am studying the
> impacts of digital technology on stakeholder access to ethnographic field
> recordings. I am looking for archivists or collectors who work with
> ethnographic wax cylinder recordings from North America, who have
> supervised or participated in repatriation or stakeholder access projects
> related to ethnographic field recordings, and who may be interested in
> completing a 45-minute in-person interview with me.
> If you fit this criteria and are interested in participating, or know
> someone who may qualify and would be interested in participating, please
> contact me at 714-353-0518 or by email at [log in to unmask]
> Thank you for your time!