Excellent thread and none too soon. Like so many replies, I've been 
using blades from a supply that I bought years ago. But, I'm about out 
so the references are very welcome.



Howard: The correct spelling is "Han-D-Mag." (I still use one) ;-)

Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 11/23/2019 5:32 PM, Howard Sanner wrote:
> I last bought razor blades for tape editing about 30 years ago. Even 
> if I could remember the name of the company it's likely they are no 
> longer in business.
> **However**, I *always* wash down the razor blades with 91% isopropyl 
> alcohol, after which I demag them using a Hand-D-Mag (sp?) with the 
> same protocol I'd use for tape heads, before use. I've never had any 
> problems with that method.
> There are other degreasers that would work fine, but alcohol is 
> available in any drug store in the U.S., it's cheap, it leaves no 
> residue, and it doesn't have the level of nastiness and general 
> problems that, say, brake cleaner and lacquer thinner do.
> HTH.
> Howard Sanner