On 11/22/19 10:32 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:

> Thanks Gary.  I'm not using the razor blades for fresh edits but for leadering and reworking old splices.  I've occasionally heard a bump artifact and wonder if the blades may be the culprit.  The brand I've been using are "American Line" by Personna.  The blades stick to magnets like crazy so I make my assumptions.

Some stainless steel alloys are mildly magnetic, including, apparently, 
the alloy used for razor blades.  Looks like Splicit is selling the same 
brand of blades that I've got (although I got them elsewhere) and they 
do stick to a strong magnet.  When I get out a fresh blade I demagnetize 
it using a head demagnetizer.

In my experience, a carbon steel blade is more likely to accidentally 
become magnetized, so I've always used stainless steel.

-- John Chester