Hi Ben,

Do you mean of Gershwin playing his own music?

Both the 1924 acoustic and 1927 electrical recordings of Rhapsody in Blue, with Whiteman's Orchestra, were issued in this set:

It’s long out of print, but there are plenty of used copies available. The electrical recording was conducted by Nat Shilkret, even though his name does not appear on the record. The American in Paris in that set, conducted by Shilkret "features" George Gershwin playing celeste. The transfers were done by Ward Marston, and are very good, with everything pitched correctly (unlike a 2-CD Pearl set of historic Gershwin, in which the two Rhapsody recordings were offered well over 1/4-step apart, on the same CD!!! Decency prevents me from naming the transfer engineer). 

The Columbia recordings of the 3 Preludes were issued here, along with several other recordings of him playing:

This CD, from the 1970s, features Gershwin's Duo Art piano roll and Michael Tilson Thomas conducting an ad-hoc ensemble in the original Grofé jazz band orchestration.

Gershwin's Duo Art roll was of the version for piano alone, but the orchestra parts were edited out of the roll, leaving only the solo part intact, for this recording.  Although reproducing piano rolls are often of limited value, this venture is surprisingly successful. And, it's the only way you'll hear Gershwin play the Rhapsody, with jazz band, uncut. Both of the recordings with Whiteman's Orchestra are cut, to fit the piece on two 78-rpm sides. 

Back in the 1970s Publisher's Central Bureau in Avanel, NJ issued a 3-LP set on the Mark 56 label of live and rehearsal material with Gershwin playing and conducting. The box was titled "George Gershwin Conducts." I believe Mark 56 had previously released this material as 3 separate LPs. I'm sure some of this stuff has been bootlegged on CD, but I don't know where, at this point in time. 

I hope this is what you're looking for. 



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Hello everyone,
Are there any recordings anywhere of George Gershwin
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Rhapsody>, Serge Koussevitzky
Koussevitzky>, Boston Symphony Orchestra?
Symphony Orchestra>

Ben Roth