Alas, the BSO regular broadcasts returned to the air after a years long absence late in 1932. All of the performances of the work with Koussevitzky were in January and February 1932.

There is a recording of a rehearsal with Gershwin but not Koussevitzky. It was issued some years ago.

Kevin Mostyn

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 To the best of my knowledge the BSO broadcast began in 1926. The oldest surviving BSO broadcast that I know of is from 1935. The first performance of the Second Rhapsody, with Koussevitzky, was in 1932. I do not know if it was broadcast, but they performed the work three times in Boston and twice in New York.  Sadly, so many wonderful broadcasts from those early years appear not to have been recorded. As we all know, that was not something that could easily be done in those days. However, a few things do survive from the 30's including a Chopin Concerto with Smeterlin.  Some of the early broadcasts (none surviving to my knowledge) included an all Respighi concert conducted by the composer, Prokofiev playing his 3rd Concerto; Ravel conducting Ravel and Debussy; Bartók playing his 1st Concerto; etc. Karl
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 Hello everyone,
Are there any recordings anywhere of George Gershwin <
Gershwin>, Second Rhapsody
Rhapsody>, Serge Koussevitzky
Koussevitzky>, Boston Symphony Orchestra?
Symphony Orchestra>

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