Hi John,

 I have no skin in this game as I live on the other side of the
world, and  I'd imagine the USA  with its much  larger population
and technological sophistication would have a number of  highly
skilled service personnel for these decks. The greater problem might
be the ageing or death of many  technicians and the relatively low
demand for such work these days.  The the problem might be just
locating these skilled technicians who may be formally retired or
close to it, but still able to perform the occasional job to a high

But just out of interest, could you describe  the particular symptoms
you are experiencing with the CR7's? I may be able to help you  at
least diagnose the likely problem area.


Tim Gillett

Perth, Western Australia

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 Hello ARSC list. I'm hoping for some input.

 We have several Nak CR-7's that need an overhaul. Does anyone have 
 experience with any Nakamichi Cassette repair places? I've found
 to a Willie Herman Services, and also ESL (Electronic Service Labs). 
 Does anyone on this list have any experience with these companies,
 or bad? Any other Nakamichi Cassette repair places that you can

 Thanks in advance for any input.

 Kind Regards,

 John Schroth

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