We no longer have our Wyoming Authors Wiki, but we still have all the data that was in it if the opportunity should ever arise to bring it back in a different format with greater quality control of content. We had hoped a wiki would attract people interested in Wyoming literature to work on it, but mostly we had a few individual authors updating their own pages (and infrequently, at that). Here were the inclusion standards we used. We insisted on a PHYSICAL book, not just an ebook, although that would be something we might have to reconsider with the rise of so much electronic publishing.

Standards for Inclusion in the Wyoming Authors Wiki


The Wyoming Center for the Book has agreed on the following criteria for an author to be eligible for inclusion in this wiki:


Definition of author:

An author is an individual who has created a published book and without whom the book would not exist – the individual is either the writer, or a photographer for a picture book, or the editor of an anthology.


Eligibility for inclusion:

An author may be eligible for inclusion in the Wyoming Authors Wiki if he or she meets at least one of these three criteria:

  • The author is or has been a legal resident of Wyoming.

  • The author writes about Wyoming, either actual places or fictional places specifically set in Wyoming. (General references to the West that do not specifically mention the state do not qualify.)

  • The author has produced significant work while writing in Wyoming and whose work is informed by his or her Wyoming surroundings. For example, a writer who completes a book while at a Wyoming artist-in-residency may be eligible for inclusion.

When submitting, please include brief biographical information that shows how the author falls under one or more of these three criteria. 


Items ineligible:

Certain items not eligible for inclusion:

  • Article publications in journals or periodicals.

  • Stories published in anthologies.

  • Thesis dissertations or archival material.

  • Audio-visual or other non-print works.

  • Electronic works not also produced and sold in print.

  • Government documents.

Note on anthologies: Books with up to three authors will be considered co-authored, and all authors may be eligible for inclusion. Books with four or more authors will be considered anthologies and will only be listed under the name(s) of the editor(s). 


Book title guidelines:

Only one printing of each title is included, preferably the first printing. Format differences, such as hardback and paperback, will not be noted. Translations into other languages, where known, may be noted.

  • Writers who live or have lived in Wyoming will have all book titles listed under their record.

  • Writers without state residency will have only the titles written in or about Wyoming listed on their record.

Susan Mark, Outreach Librarian
Wyoming State Library
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Hello CFB Colleagues!


Could those of you who do State Literary Maps and/or State Author Directories reply directly to me when you get a second?


Can you share your guidelines and scope of who is included in your literary map and/or author directory?

Do you partner with any other organizations, universities, etc.?

Do you update your maps constantly or once a year or…?

Do you have an advisory board?

Do you use ArcGIS StoryMaps or some other software?


Any lessons you have learned in your process are very welcome – thank you for your time!


Sara Peté | Community Outreach Librarian

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