Hello Friends,

I have a person from Milton's Cottage coming to the US next September during Banned Book Week.  He will be doing the presentation below in NYC early during Banned Book Week (September 20 - 27).  

He will be traveling around the country during that week.  If anyone is interested in hosting the program drop me a line.

Milton in America


What better way to commemorate Banned Book Week than with the works of John Milton - whose own response to censorship was to write one of the world’s most memorable defenses of the freedom of the press.  Areopagitica was banned under 17 th century English law but continues to live on today, most notably through the first amendment of the US constitution. 


The British have a complex relationship with Milton but in the US he may have found his spiritual home.  He was read and revered by both Jefferson and Adams, and when Americans read Milton they hear echoes of the American constitution. As Milton's biographers, Gordon Campbell and Thomas N Corns, put it: "In intellectual terms, Milton is one of the founding fathers of America."