At the suggestion of Nathan Georgitis, I'm contacting ARSC members to find
someone willing to assist me with an unofficial "evaluation" of many of my
78rpm records --  and am willing to pay per/hour fee or a comparable
donation to ARSC (or whatever organization is designated).


As a collector (also 45s and LPs), my 1950s rock and roll 78s are of the
most value to me personally, along with a representative number of big band
/ blues / country / 50's non-rock hits.

Among the hundreds of other 78s  --  some dating to 1900, many one-sided,
multiple Edison discs, unique and creative label names(DIVA, PERFECT) and
graphics, unique producers (Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, W. T. Grant),
race records  --  are some I would like to keep (because they have been in
the family) and pass along to children / grandchildren.   Others I would
like to discard or donate.


I propose preparing a detailed list (label, record number, artist, song(s)
title(s), any distinguishing characteristic) of my 78s in question, and
having it reviewed by the ARSC member. 

I would not expect any specific / ballpark  $$ value (i.e., official
appraisal), since there are so many variables (most important, obviously,
the condition of the record itself). All I would be looking for is notations
on my list such as: 

1) "Record/song/artist very common", 2) "Nothing unique," 3) "Of possible
value depending on condition," 3) "Retain because of uniqueness of
label/graphics/artist/year produced/type of record, etc." And any other
category / categories the consultant suggests.


If there is someone --  or a group --  that could do this type of
assessment, please let me know, along with a proposed payment arrangement.
([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  or USPS address
below). There is no specific timeframe for completion, and I would not
expect to be able to begin sending lists until early in 2020. 


Thank you for your time, assistance and recommendations.


Philip S. Huguenin

110 Little Orange Lake Drive

Hawthorne FL 32640