OCLC no. 960810461 vernacular title displays as little boxes rather than
characters, yet when viewed in WorldCat public interface, and when exported
to our local catalog, displays correctly.  Can someone clarify why the
display has a problem in Connexion?


*Robert L. Kusmer, Ph.D.*

*Supervisor, Strategic Resource Discovery Services*

*German, Humanities and Theology Cataloging Librarian*

*German Language and Literature Librarian*

*Hesburgh Libraries*

*Affiliate, Nanovic Institute for European Studies*

*University of Notre Dame*

Resource Description & Discovery Services

428 Hesburgh Library

Notre Dame, IN 46556

office: 574-631-8649

fax:     574-631-4440

email: *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]> *