Just to add to this, the “Edessa Estrangelo” font doesn’t seem to be an option anymore (or at least it’s not showing up for me) but you can also use “Noto Sans Syriac Estrangela.” I’ve noticed though that even after flipping the field to right-to-left reading order, the characters are still in LTR order, which can also mess with how initial/medial/final forms so up, so it’s not perfect but you can at least verify that things are spelled correctly.




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Hi, I recall seeing this same issue with Syriac script not long after OCLC first added support for Syriac script in November 2013. The default Arial Unicode Microsoft font in Connexion, didn’t (and apparently still doesn't) include the Syriac character set (U+0700 to U+074F I think). But we found that temporarily switching the record display font to "Edessa Estrangelo" in the OCLC Connexion options menu allowed the Syriac characters to display correctly in the Connexion client even though that one isn't a Unicode font. That meant that characters that aren't in the Syriac or basic Latin character sets, including the double-dagger subfield indicator, may display incorrectly until you switch the font back again. But this workaround at least allowed us to verify the vernacular script before producing and exporting the records.

I recall we also had to add the Unicode Syriac character range to our local Voyager validation tables, but it sounds like your local catalog already has that taken care of. 




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Hello, Bob.
I think it has something to do specifically with OCLC Connexion; perhaps there is not a Unicode equivalent for Syriac that Connexion recognizes?
I also tried applying Joel Hahn's macro but there is only a macro going from Syriac script into Roman, not vice versa.
Sorry, I'm not being overly helpful here but thought I'd share my thoughts...:-)

On 12/04/2019 09:36, Robert Kusmer wrote:

OCLC no. 960810461 vernacular title displays as little boxes rather than characters, yet when viewed in WorldCat public interface, and when exported to our local catalog, displays correctly.  Can someone clarify why the display has a problem in Connexion?





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