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This is how we do it in CA. We applied again this year and we’ll figure out if we got anything then let the agency know. The award is $2,000. We keep the small admin fee.

All the info is at:


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I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m trying to clear my desk for 2020 and I am finding certain messages “flagged” for further response.
Don, we started our Texas Center for the Book Literacy Award after the LOC encouraged us to create one in 2016. It became a part of our infrastructure and we couldn’t revoke the award and it’s integration into our program after the LOC stopped funding. We raised outside support and we kept the award. We use the recipient of this award to be our official nomination for the LOC’s State Literacy Award.
Here is the “write up” from our report with everyone. I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with questions.
  • The Texas Center for the Book Literacy Award honors qualified non-profit organizations that have made outstanding contributions to increasing literacy in Texas.
  • In 2018, the winning organization received a $1,000 cash award to assist in its future work promoting reading and combating illiteracy (in 2019 it will be $2,000). Non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to support and encourage literacy are eligible for the Literacy Award. Organizations may self-nominate for the award or nominate partner non-profit organizations.
  • This award promotes partnerships with libraries; public, school and academic libraries or other library entities are not eligible for nomination. Libraries are highly encouraged to nominate literacy organizations within their local and/or regional communities. 
  • For 2018: The Texas Center for the Book chose Women’s Storybook Project of Texas as the recipient of the third annual Texas Center for the Book Literacy Award. The Women’s Storybook Project of Texas connects incarcerated mothers with their children through the power of reading. The organization’s volunteers visit women’s prisons in Texas once a month to record eligible mothers reading books aloud to their children, as well as short, personalized messages. The volunteers then mail a copy of the book with the recording to the children. Prison officials attribute an improvement in behavior at participating prisons because the incarcerated mothers must earn participation in the program by 90 days of good behavior. The children of the incarcerated mothers can connect with their mothers through their voice and the shared experience of reading the same book. The Storybook Project recorded 1,512 mothers and mailed 3,125 packages to children in 2017.
  • Texas Center for the Book also gave $500 honorable mentions to two additional literacy nonprofits, Readers 2 Leaders and Literacy First; both programs serve children who are behind in their literacy skills. They employ best practices and performance measures to bring children up to grade level as quickly as possible.
  • Prize money for the 2018 contest was made possible by the generosity of David M. Rubenstein and the Library of Congress. In 2017, funding was made possible by the Friends of Libraries & Archives of Texas (FLAT). In 2018, FLAT made it possible for TCFB to provide $500 awards to each of our two honorable mentions. They have since increased their support and, starting in 2019, the award amount will be $2,000 for our recipient, with two honorable mentions receiving $500 each.
  • This award helps us build awareness toward Texas organizations contributing to literacy. Additionally, we use the judging process to garner support for these organizations and the Center for the Book. Invitations to judge go out to the “movers and shakers” of the Texas literacy world and strengthen partnerships (note: we do the same with our LAL judging).
  • As mentioned, our Literacy Award ceremony ties into our Texas Authors Celebration in partnership with the Texas Book Festival. Strategically, we administered the award at the celebration and played the Women’s Storybook Project of Texas’ informational video for attendees. This increases awareness and support for the recipient organization among authors and literacy professionals.
  • Our winner will now receive the Texas Center for the Book’s nomination for the 2020 Library of Congress State Literacy Award. In 2018, we nominated our winner, the Women’s Storybook Project of Texas, and they were selected for the 2019 Library of Congress State Literacy Award.
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Stay tuned on mini-grants that will be available for Lone Star Día: Children’s Day, Book Day in February 2020!

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Subject: State Literacy Awards 2020
In light of the brief discussion concerning the LC State Literacy Awards at today's virtual meeting, I had several followup questions for the group. I'm in the process of announcing open nominations for the Awards but found it interesting that several states decided not to participate. The reasons for this on the virtual meeting were clear, e.g., state nomination doesn't actually mean winning and it's awkward. Does anyone who hasn't participated have anything to add?
Also, one state stated they don't tell the literacy organization they've been nominated until LC announces the winners. How does that state choose their organization? Does anyone else do that?
I've been looking at various state's announcement webpages, and there appears to be a variety of ways of getting nominations. Would anyone like to describe their nomination process?
I've also seen some state awards are $2,000, some $2,225, others don't state an amount. Is the amount contingent on the number of awards given?
Any thoughts on any of these topics would be most appreciated! Thank you all.
Don Boozer
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