NLS Operations Alert No. 20-02


DATE                     :               01/06/20

TO                          :               Network Libraries

FROM                   :               Stephen Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT               :               XESS for 2020


The XESS program for redistribution of excess books will continue operating on monthly cycles for braille books throughout 2020.


Below is the cycle for 2020. The braille cutoff number for January 1 through June 28, 2020, is BR21500. We will provide a cutoff number for the second half of the year in July.



Cycle                     Month                                  Conference


01                           January*                              Northern

02                           February*                           Southern

03                           March**                              Western

04                           April**                                  Midlands

05                           May**                                  Northern

06                           June**                                 Southern

07                           July**                                   Western

08                           August**                             Midlands

09                           September**                    Northern

10                           October**                          Southern

11                           November*                        Western

12                           December*                        Midlands


* Closes 3:00 p.m. eastern standard time (EST) on the last business day of the month

** Closes 3:00 p.m. eastern daylight time (EDT) on the last business day of the month


Offering libraries may submit books anytime during their assigned month before Data Management closes the XESS cycle, which occurs on the last working day of the month at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. However, NLS encourages libraries to send the file a few days in advance of the final day of the month to assure that there is time to correct any errors, such as duplicates or titles not found.


After XESS closes for the cycle, it will reopen for the next conference on the first business day of the following month.


Books must remain on XESS for thirty days. If no other library requests them, books offered in one cycle may be disposed of after the next cycle is processed. The XESS contractor will run the comparison process each month, and offering libraries will receive mailing cards for books requested by other network libraries. Offering libraries will receive a disposal list on the next month’s comparison run. This may take slightly longer than thirty days depending on how quickly books are input into XESS and when the cycle is run.


Upon receipt of the braille disposal list, libraries may request mailing addresses from the NLS Network Services Section by contacting Vickie Collins, (202) 707-9301 or [log in to unmask]


Please note that libraries may add books to their “wanted” lists anytime throughout the year.


For more information, contact:


Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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