NLS Operations Alert


No. 20-04


DATE         :  January 15, 2020 

TO             :  Network Libraries 

FROM        :  Kristen Fernekes, Head, Communications and Outreach

SUBJECT   :  Delays with Braille edition of BBR



Due to continued production issues with the hard-copy braille version of Braille Book Review, the braille editions of the September–October 2019 and November–December 2019 issues have been significantly delayed. NLS is taking action to return to regularly scheduled deliveries in 2020.


We understand that these delays have been extremely disruptive to our patrons and share their frustrations. We ask that network libraries share this information with braille-reading patrons with our apologies. We will update you with expected delivery dates as soon as we have reliable information regarding the date of these shipments.


In the meantime, HTML versions of the September–October 2019 and November–December 2019 issues are available online at The BRF files for the September–October 2019 issue are also available, both at the web address above and through BARD. We encourage you to proactively reach out to your braille-reading patrons and assist them in accessing the material contained in the delayed issues. If they are comfortable with computers and screen readers, the HTML versions will be accessible to them. If they are not, they may require your assistance over the telephone to determine what new titles are available and of interest to them.


In addition, please be aware that, beginning with the January–February 2020 issue, the braille edition of Braille Book Review will not contain a print/braille order form. We ask that you work with your patrons who have historically ordered books using the print/braille order form to ensure they understand other methods for requesting books, including phone calls. Removing the order form will allow us more flexibility as we transition vendors on short notice.


Again, we apologize for this disruption in service.


For more information, contact:

Kristen Fernekes

Head, Communications and Outreach

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