Good Afternoon,

As part of an effort to reduce the audiovisual collection, the NASA HQ Library has numerous titles looking for a new home. Most are VHS tapes (if you’re too young to know what that means, please talk to your elders).


Please reply with your interest in any materials in the attached spreadsheet. We will cover the cost of shipping.


Thank you,


Rick Spencer


Richard Spencer

LinTech Global, Inc.

Dr. T. Keith Glennan Memorial Library

NASA Headquarters

300 E St. SW, Rm 1W53

Washington, DC 20546

(202) 358-0172


Applied science, purposeful and determined,

and pure science, playful and freely curious,

continuously support and stimulate each other.

The great nation of the future will be the one which

protects the freedom of pure science

as much as it encourages applied science.”

                                                       — Edwin Herbert Land



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