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The Ralph J. Bunche Library, U.S. Department of State, has excess titles available to all CONUS federal libraries on a first come, first serve basis.
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Title / Publisher Author Pub. Date
Angola's last best chance for peace : an insider's account of the peace process. USIP. Paul Hare 1998
The assassins' gate : America in Iraq. FSG. George Packer 2005
China : the balance sheet : what the world needs to know about the emerging superpower. Public Affairs. C. Fred Bergsten, et al 2006
Epicenter of peace. Hollis Publishing. Nursultan Nazarbayev 2001
Kazakhstan : meeting the challenges ahead. Akezhan Kazhegeldin. Akezhan Kazhegeldin 1998
Kazakhstan : reducing nuclear dangers, increasing global security. Embassy of Kazakhstan.   2004
Kazakhstan: the road to independence : energy policy and the birth of a nation. Ariel Cohen 2008
Kazakhstan : unfulfilled promise. Martha Brill Olcott 2002
Kazakhstan's nuclear disarmament : a global model for a safer world. Embassy of Kazakhstan 2006
The looming tower : Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11. Knopf. Lawrence Wright 2006
The missing reform : strengthening the Rule of Law in Mexico. Wilson Center. Viridiana Rios, ed. 2018
Modern Latin America. Oxford University Press. Thomas E. Skidmore 1984
Moscow's Muslim challenge : Soviet Central Asia. M.E. Sharpe. Michael Rywkin 1982
The new silk roads : transport and trade in greater Central Asia. SAIS. S. Frederick Starr, ed. 2007
Putin's Russia : how it rose, how it is maintained, and how it might end. A.E.I. Leon Aron, ed. 2015
Reawakening : the new, broader Middle East. University Press of America. Jerry Rosenberg 2007
Scholars' guide to Washington, D.C. for Central Asian and Caucasus studies. M.E. Sharpe Tigran Martirosyan 2005
The tragedy of the European Union : disintegration or revival? Public Affairs. George Soros 2014
The two faces of Islam : the house of Sa'ud from tradition to terror. Doubleday. Stephen Schwartz 2002
Working with a rising India : a joint venture for the new century. Council on Foreign Relations. Charles R. Kaye, Chair 2015
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