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Title / Publisher Author Pub. Date
The Andean community and the United States : trade and investment relations in the 1990s. OAS. Migeul Mendoza, ed. 1998
Arms control and confidence building in the Middle East. USIP. Alan Platt, ed. 1992
Atlas of world water balance. Unesco ; Leningrad : Gidrometeoizda. V.I. Korzoun, et al 1977
Basic documents (excluding the technical regulations). World Meterological Organization. Secretariat W.M.O. 1963
Breaking out of beginner's Spanish. University of Texas Press. Joseph J. Keenan 1994
Cambodia : the search for security. Praeger. Michael Leifer 1967
China: the balance sheet : what the world needs to know about the emerging superpower. Public Affairs. C. Fred Bergsten, et al 2006
Constitution of the United States of America : analysis and interpretation… to June 29, 1972. w/1978 suppl. G.P.O. 1972/78
A creative tension : the foreign policy roles of the president and congress. Woodrow Wilson Center Press. Lee H. Hamilton 2002
Cultivating confidence : verification, monitoring, and enforcement for a world free of nuclear weapons. Corey Hinderstein, ed. 2010
the Cultural Revolution : years of chaos in China. Compass Point. Andrew Langley 2008
Democracy in Cambodia : a survey of the Cambodian electorate. The Asia Foundation. Tim Meisburger, ed. 2001
Eyewitness to a genocide : the United Nations and Rwanda. Cornell University Press. Michael Barnett 2002
Getting it wrong : regional cooperation and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Carnegie Endowment. Martha Brill Olcott 1999
International financial flows : a statistical handbook. Lexington Books. Geoffrey E. Dennis. 1984
Kazakhstan : unfulfilled promise. Martha Brill Olcott 2002
Kazakhstan's nuclear disarmament : a global model for a safer world. [2.c] Embassy of Kazakhstan 2006
The new silk roads : transport and trade in greater Central Asia. SAIS. S. Frederick Starr, ed. 2007
Nuclear matters in North Korea : building a multilateral response for future stability in Northeast Asia. James L. Schoff, et al 2008
Pervasive role of science, technology, and health in foreign policy : imperatives for the Department of State.    
The Post-American world. W.W. Norton. Fareed Zqakaria 2008
Reawakening : the new, broader Middle East. University Press of America. Jerry Rosenberg 2007
The road to peace in Cambodia : Japan's role and involvement. The Japan Times. Tadashi Ikeda 1998
The shaping of an Arab statesman : Abd al-Hamid Sharaf and the modern Arab world. Quarter Books. Patrick Seale, ed. 1983
Tiger for breakfast : the story of Boris of Kathmandu. Michel Piessel 1966
The tragedy of the European Union : disintegration or revival? Public Affairs. George Soros 2014
The two faces of Islam : the house of Sa'ud from tradition to terror. Doubleday. Stephen Schwartz 2002
The two Koreas : a contemporary history. Addison-Wesley. Don Oberdorfer 1997
Weapons of terror : freeing the world of nuclear, biological and chemical arms. WMDC. WMDC 2006
Travel Guides [below]    
Caribbean. Fodor's. Carol M. Baruther 2014
Costa Rica. Fodor's. Marlise Kast-Myers 2014
Italy. Fodor's. Robert Andrews 2015
Yemen. Lonely Planet. Pertti Hamalainen 1999
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