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Sorry again to have to miss today's meeting.  I wonder if after the meeting someone could put up a google sheet with suggested topics for the May Idea Exchange?  I'd love to be able to add some ideas to that sheet advance of the April meeting. Maybe others would, too?

As for today, I'm still not quite clear what NEH is asking for/looking for ... nor how this interest links up with our discussion about the shared mission of state centers for the book.  I'll listen intently to that part of the recording!

My two cents:  I'm most keen to talk about state center network identity rather than about a new project ... largely because we are flat out here in Mass and couldn't take on anything new without jettisoning something else.  If we honed our mission and had a new boost from LOC to get state buy-in on the importance of the network (and of funding for it!), however,  I think it would be much clearer to me what we do that we should keep and what new we should do to move the enterprise forward.  

All that to say, I'm raising my hand to help create a the CfB/State Center brochure because I think in order to do that well we will have to address the mission (and responsibilties?) of state centers for the book at the national and local level.    



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Good morning, all!


I have updated the agenda with the most recent ideas and comments. It’s a very, very full agenda, so I have a feeling that finalizing the Ideas Exchange will probably have to move to April, but hopefully we will get it narrowed down. I will block out some ideas of timing for each of these items and try to keep us on schedule. I think the meeting could run a little after the hour but I know we have a hard stop at about 3:15 due to a board meeting (timing changed after we agreed to run the meeting). David tells me there’s an option to keep the recording going if he and I both need to sign off!


Looking forward to chatting with many of you tomorrow!


(And, I put this up on Facebook, but may have better reach here: is anyone else going to PLA? Would love to meet up if you are!)


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