NLS Operations Alert No. 20-15


DATE                     :               February 14, 2020

TO                          :               Network Libraries

FROM                   :               Meredith Beckhardt, Network Division

SUBJECT               :              FY2019 Annual surveys


NLS requests that each network library respond to the following four annual surveys in the Network Library Database (NLDB): Budget, Collections, Miscellaneous, Staffing. Surveys are due March 6. Budget survey responses should reflect fiscal year 2019, but responses to the Collections and Staffing surveys should reflect the current status.


All responses on budget, staffing size, and space should be specific to the reporting library, (RL, SRL, AOC) and not in reference to a larger agency which may administer or house it.

Prepare answers to the following questions, which are located at the end of this year’s Miscellaneous survey:


•             List the full name, phone number and email address for your machine staff.

•             Provide the number of digital players available in stock. DA1____   DS1____

•             Provide the number of digital players on loan to patrons. DA1____  DS1___

•             Provide the number of digital players in repair. DA1____  DS1___

•             Provide the total number of digital players lost. DA1____  DS1___

•             Provide the total number of digital players listed as stolen. DA1____  DS1___

•             Provide the total number of digital players listed as unknown. DA1____  DS1___

•             Provide the total number of digital players listed as damaged beyond repair DA1____  DS1___

•             How many machines do you encounter with biohazardous conditions (i.e. blood, bodily fluids, etc.)?

•             How do you dispose of machines with biohazardous conditions?

•             Do you require assistance to pack and ship machines off to a repair group? If Yes, provide the amount of machines.

•             Please provide machine/accessory questions you have or assistance you require


Please note that all required fields are identified with an asterisk (*). If the field is not applicable, enter a 0 (zero).


Steps to access NLDB via the new Network Library Services website:


1)            Navigate to

2)            Click Log in to Network Library Services

3)            You will be presented with the SSO login screen. Sign in and follow the step for two-factor authentication.

4)            Click the Agree button, and the Network Library Services website will display

5)            Select Network Library Database (NLDB), the first item in the Quick Links box

6)            Click the Log in With Your NLS ID button

Please perform the following tasks within the NLDB:

1)            Library Information tab: Ensure that all of your library’s contact information is up to date. This information is used by key resources throughout NLS.

2)            Surveys tab: Complete the Budget survey

3)            Surveys tab: Complete the Collections survey

4)            Surveys tab: Complete the Miscellaneous survey

5)            Surveys tab: Complete the Staffing survey


Contact Meredith Beckhardt directly at (202) 707-3459 or [log in to unmask] for assistance with login problems, NLDB, or the Network Library Services website.


Contact Shana Osborne at (202) 707-0324 or [log in to unmask] for assistance on the machine questions at the end of the Miscellaneous survey.


For more information, contact:

Meredith Beckhardt

Network Division

(202) 707-3459

[log in to unmask]



Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled

(202) 707-9245

[log in to unmask]


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