This is helpful.


If I may make a suggestion, please develop a naming format for the At-a-glance guides and include document titles on each sheet. I'd like to be able to refer to the document by title, as well as identify what it is (i.e., NACO Advisory Group at-a-glance guidance) independently of the website.





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Subject: [PCCLIST] NACO Advisory Group: "At-a-Glance" sheet on Fuller Form of Name (RDA 9.5 and RDA


Hi everyone,


The NACO Advisory Group monitors PCC listserv messages for NACO topics that appear to be unresolved, unanswered, or ambiguously answered in routine PCC listserv discussion, but there are other venues that highlight NACO topics that fall into this category. The [log in to unmask] mailbox is also a source of good NACO questions.


Lesley Parilla, a colleague in the Policy, Training, and Cooperative Programs Division (PCC Secretariat) has been assisting with answering questions and analyzing errors that are reported to the [log in to unmask] mailbox.


One area in which there may be misunderstanding of NACO policies is the Fuller Form of Name (RDA 9.5 and RDA  


Here is another role for the NACO Advisory Group: to create NACO “At-a-Glance” sheets on problematic topics that are identified in the [log in to unmask] mailbox.   


With Lesley’s help, the NACO Advisory Group has created the first “At-a-Glance” sheet, on Fuller Form of Name, and posted it to the group’s website.


Although this is yet another place to go for NACO guidance, these “At-a-Glance” sheets will be incorporated into new NACO training materials in the near future, and as the new RDA Toolkit is implemented.




NACO Advisory Group