Hi, Parker,

How do you know they are varispeed tapes? Is there any metadata 
describing it? I think we'd all like to know how you determined that 
they were varispeed.

Could it be they are just defective? Like they were slipping during 
recording (or playback)?

Jamie has already responded and he's perhaps the best person to salvage 
these recordings, but salvage them to what?

Are there any tone or timecode tracks?

Good luck!


On 2020-03-02 5:58 p.m., Parker Fishel wrote:
> Hi ARSC listers,
> We have some 2” session tapes that we are currently getting digitized. We
> encountered some varispeed reels and are trying to figure out how to
> properly transfer them for preservation purposes. What are the best
> practices? I did a little digging around, but haven’t been able to come up
> with much.
> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Parker Fishel

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